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  • Rebecca Wilshere

Dog Collars made from trees!

As you may have seen this week, we have released a new product range. This range of collars and harnesses are made from Cork. Like our Piñatex range, Cork is a sustainable material created from the natural world and we're so excited to bring it into the dog industry!

Cork fabric/leather is a natural, eco-friendly and sustainable material created from shavings of bark from a Cork Oak Tree. Cork has a distinctive wood come leather look to it and come with many useful properties such as being waterproof, stain resistant, durable. Making it a great leather alternative for dog accessories.

How is Cork Leather made?

Cork leather requires a lot of patience. After a cork oak tree is planted, the tree must mature for 25 years before the bark can be harvested. However, the first harvest is not usable. Every 9 years after the first harvest, the bark is harvested to be used.

cork oak tree

Once the bark has been harvested, the cork is left to dry out for 6 months before being steamed and boiled to gain its elasticity. The cork is then cut into thin sheets and attached to a fabric backing. Finally, 34 years after planting the cork oak tree, the cork leather is usable!

Harvesting the bark from a cork oak tree actually helps reduce pollution as harvested cork oak tree absorbs 3-5 times more carbon dioxide than an unharvested one.

Our Cork products:

We are so pleased with both our collars and harnesses. Although cork itself is waterproof, all of our products are waxed beforehand with a vegan friendly waxed which ensures it remains waterproof and scratch resistant.

They are currently available here in 6 colours with 5 hardware options, we cannot wait to see your combination!



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