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How Piñatex turns pinepples into a sustainable fabric

With the growing popularitiy in sustainable, ethical and vegan products, last year we embarked on a mission to introduce it to the pet industry. We researched different sustainable materials and decided on Piñatex. Piñatex is a leather alternative created from pinepple leaf fibres, of which would have been discarded after the pineapple harvest. We become the first company in the UK to produce Piñatex dog accessories, something we are very proud of.

The diagram below shows the stages of production.

(Photo credit: Ananas Anam)

We have created collars, leads and treat pouches using Piñatex. All available in four colours, Chocolate, Paprika, Gold and Silver with brass and nickel hardware options.

As much as we love Piñatex, we have been looking for other sustainable materials to add to our collection. We are creating dog collars made from cork. Check back next week for our product release!

- Rebecca

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