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Fish Dog Treats
  • Fish Dog Treats

    These are the fluffy members of team Two Dogs & Co's favourite treats ever! 


    Delicious fish treats made from Cornish fish.


    Fish Cakes:

    Composition: 90% Whitefish & 10% Potato

    Per 100g

    Protein 34.5g

    Fat 22.5g

    Ash 12g

    Moisture 6.1g

    Carbohydrate 21.9g

    Crude Fibre 6.8g

    Energy Kcal 455kcal

    Energy kj 1902kj


    Fish Skin Cubes:

    Composition: 90% Whitefish

    Per 100g

    Protein 78.5g

    Fat 2.4g

    Ash 18.1g

    Moisture 10.7g

    Carbohydrate <0.1g

    Crude Fibre <0.5g

    Energy Kcal 336kcal

    Energy kj 1423kj

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